Friday, 8 March 2019

The Day We Unite: Tokyo Marathon 2019

Can't hide my excitement after collecting race bib from the lovely volunteer at the Expo

Posed for this pic just before entering pen J
Starting Line at the Metro Government Building 
Crossing the starting line 25 minutes after official start

At halfway point, with a view of Tokyo Skytree 
My attempt at vlogging
First photo in the hotel after changing into dry clothes
Yoyogi Park 

Goal for Tokyo Marathon 2019:   new PB and sub-5 finishing

I ran the Tokyo Marathon last Sunday under miserable weather conditions. It was raining before the race started with temperatures of around 5-6 degrees. The relentless rain and the biting wind made it difficult for me to run at my goal pace, furthermore my poncho buttons kept getting undone and buttoning it up required a level of concentration, distracting my focus on my running pace.  The cold also caused my hands go to numb - by km 38, the 'pins and needles' in my hands were so severe that I had to shake them while soldiering on with my run.

It was the coldest day in Tokyo Marathon history, according to the Race Director, Mr. Tadaaki Hayano. Some runners including top Japanese male runner Suguru Osaka withdrew from the race as their body succumbed to the cold and harsh conditions. Malaysian tops runners Muhaizar Mohamad and Leo Tan also withdrew, which I'm sure was a tough decision for them to take.

In spite of the unfavourable weather conditions, I managed to achieve my goal of finishing the race. Achieving a new PB of 4:42 (shaved off 28 minutes from previous PB) was indeed icing on the cake on this bone-chilling cold race day.

Net time: 4:42:19
Ranking: 16995
Average pace: 6:28

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